Our Story

Our Story

More energy, more money and more time to enjoy with family.

After many years working as supervisor for many retail companies, a time came when we got emotionally exhausted after working so many hours every week and not being able to enjoy the benefits of our effort.

My wife and I have always understood the importance of spending time raising our children and taking care of our marriage, so we decided to undertake a different path for our family’s sake.

We started looking for an activity that would provide us with comprehensive benefits, both by providing us with the resources we needed to achieve our dreams and by satisfying us spiritually as individuals.

So the day came when we decided to take a very different path and began to think solar. We founded Core Energy in 2017, with the goal of achieving our economic independence while contributing not only to improving people’s quality of life but also to preserving our environment.

That turned out to be the best decision. Working with solar energy made us learn about a whole set of technological breakthroughs that both benefit society and minimize our environmental footprint. Plus, this benefit will go beyond our family to reach other families while providing sources of employment.

We design and conceive Core Energy’s fundamental values using the same beliefs we raised our children with: work ethic, perseverance, motivation, collaboration, and service.

This is a new lifestyle to build the future, by understanding that our convictions must remain paramount in every undertaking, we obtained the first of many retributions from this venture, not only for us, but for everyone sharing our hope and our drive in looking after our environment and our planet.

Peter Almeida

Core Energy President

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