Team Stories

Here at Core Energy we are creating a difference, helping people financially and also helping alter the world for the better, for the future.  I enjoy the innovation and being at the forefront of an ever evolving environment in which we live and work. As we are all aware, things are on the verge of change, which means, so will our lives and our children’s lives and so on. Here we are embracing that change and we can help others adapt for our environment’s transformation. We live in an economy where everyday we are using energy companies that are monopolies.  We are pinned against a wall and have to cope with whatever adjustments they impose on us because we believe there is no other option. But here at Core Energy, we offer an alternative, a way to create independence from these energy companies, a way to create your own sustainable energy and a way to create a better place to live”


I am happy I have found Core Energy because in this company I have found a new family, where all the members support us to meet our collective objectives and to achieve our personal goals”


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